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Sports     &   Videw Games


1. Sports Masala 
2. Orient Bidding System 
3. Rashid Latif's Home Page
4. Pakistan Cricket Board 
5. Crickinfo: Pakistan Cricket 
6. Pakpassion 
7. Pakistan Association of Cricket Statisticians and Scorers 
8. Maitla, Waqar Younis
9. Anwar, Saeed 
10. Anwar, Saeed 
11. Akram, Wasim
12. Imran Khan
13. Mushtaq, Saqlain 
14. Khan, Imran 
15. Akram, Wasim 
16. Akhtar, Shoaib
17. Mushtaq, Saqlain
18. Akhtar, Shoaib
19. Pakistan Boy Scout Association
20. Pakistan Boy Scouts Association 
21. Pakistan Hockey Federation 
22. Rec.Sports.Soccer Statistics Foundation: Pakistan 2000

Video Games

Adventure      Educational     Sports     Teen & Kids


1. Brass Lantern 
2. IF-Legends.Org 
3. Adventureland
4. GUEmap 
5. Adventure Games
6. The World of Interactive Fiction 
7. How Adventure Games Age 
8. GameBoomers
9. Interactive Fiction Page 
10. The Interactive Fiction Book Club 
11. ifFinder
12. Magnus' Interactive Fiction Page 
13. Adventure Games Hall of Fame, The 
14. Interactive Fiction Library 
15. Scurvyliver Entertainment
16. The Great IF Toaster Contest 
17. Mystery Manor Adventure 
19. Interactive Fiction
20. Balrog, The 
21. Download Interactive Fiction Games 
22. Castle Darkmoon 
23. Four Fat Chicks 
24. FAQ - 
25. Fiction Competition


1. Owl and Mouse
2. Barbara A. Brown: Shareware
3. Kids Software 
4. The Choice Game 
5. Black Quest 
6. Australian Mammals 
7. LatticeWork Software, Inc. 
8. JT Software
9. Dino Trilogy
10. HieroNote Software.
11. Search for Pele the Legendary CD-ROM Adventure 
12. ABC Spelling and Math Games 
13. Technoforge Software 
14. Absolute Memory
15. Safari Gem 
16. DEC Software 
17. Baselines Software 
18. Match Games 
19. Big Top Software 
22. ckground-color: #A0B69E">Knowledge Probe Inc.
21. Valgetal: falling num GCOmpris an free edutainment software 

Sports Video

1. SportPlanet
2. Sports Gaming Network 
3. Sports Pad at Rocket Download 
4. Sportsology Videogames 
5. Digital Sports 
6. Sporthits - Games 
7. Operation Sports: Dedicated To Sports Gaming 
8. Cactus Development Company Inc 

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