Pink Rickshaw For Women In Lahore Pakistan

Pakistan Pink Rickshaw Taxi For Wome In Lahore Ladies Driver And Passangers

In Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan a new pink rickshaw taxi is introduced for women. In this pink rickshaw taxi both driver and passengers are women. In this rickshaw men are not allowed. Initially 25 rickshaws are running on the road and there number will be increased in future gradually.

The pink rickshaw is introduced by Zara Aslam. According to Zara this rickshaw will be unique in this way that it will be used only by women.  She told that the idea behind this rickshaw is she observed that women are facing great difficulty to go offices and academic institutes. Many times these women were threatened by men rickshaw drivers, so they hesitate to travel alone in those rickshaws. She said that by this pink rickshaw life become easy for those women and girls who use to public transport for office and academic institutes. This rickshaw will be drive only by ladies drivers.

Generally working women and academic institutes going girls spend five to seven thousands rupee on rickshaw for pick and drop. According to Zara Aslam In pink rickshaw only women and girls are preferred for driver. In this way they will get job and safe transport.

There is an agreement with a company, to make rickshaw according to women need. The pink rickshaw is just like a mini car. Zara Aslam told that Lahore Transport Authority is registering this pink rickshaw and giving facilities for drivers. Women drivers will be provided these rickshaws in easy installments.  She further said that the women who want to drive this pink rickshaw are interviewed first and then giving them training to repair their rickshaw for fifteen to thirty days. Driving license will be provided to those women who have no license.

She told that initially easy and safe routes have been selected for these women drivers and knowledge and information about different roads of Lahore will be given them. Pink rickshaw taxi will be provided in easy installments to these women driver and they will be watched that her male relative will not drive these rickshaws. Every month meeting will be arranged with these women drivers and discuss their problem facing during driving, and try to solve their problems.