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Imambargah Suicide Blast: 55 worshipers killed and 60 injured

In Shikarpur Sindh Imambargah, during Friday prayer, 55 people martyred and 60 injured by brutal terrorist. Those killed included Pesh Imam and three children. Jundullah claimed responsibility of attack. Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef asked the incident report. Chief Minister Sindh announced for one day and Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen announced three days of mourning.

According to reporter, on Friday, a suicide bomber entered the Imambargah of Shikarpur and blasted himself, which killed 55 and injured more than 60 people. In the stampede after the blast, rescue teams rushed to the scene and transported the injured to the hospital immediately where several victims are in critical condition. A large number of people reached hospital and donated blood.

Rescue team faces great difficulty due to narrow streets of that area. Imambargah was completely sealed after the incidence. Rangers and police cordoned off the area completely. In the area of Lakhi Dar, Shikarpur, many mosques and other worship are found; and this is a congested area. Heavy contingents of police and rangers surrounded the area of Shikarpur after explosion, to arrest the terrorist involved in explosion.

Bodies and their organs were scattered everywhere after the explosion. According to police 600 to 700 worshipers were present in Imambargah, who became victim of terrorism. Panic spreads in the area after the blast, security in Sindh have been put on high alert.

Shikarpur Civil Hospital Medical Superintendent Shaukat Memon told that blast killed 50 people and injured more than 60 people. An eye witness said that when people were down in sajda, it was a blast; another eye witness told that explosion rocked the area. (Ref:

Shikarpur Blast: Chief Minister Announcement

Chief Minister Sindh announced that government will give 200 million rupees to that person who will give correct information about terrorist of Shikarpur incidence. It is decided that provincial government will provide protection to people despite the lack of resources. Like Karachi, Rangers and Police will work jointly in interior Sindh. The policeman killed by the terrorist will be awarded Rs one million, so that terrorist should be eradicated from the province.

Chief Minister said that incidence of Shikarpur indicate that this type of terrorist activity can be happen anywhere in the province, so the resident of the area must notify the unauthorized persons in their area to the relevant SHO. Apex committee proposes 14 points for the peace in province; its copies have been sent to all relevant authorities of province. Under the 21st Amendment military court will be established, who will be bounded to give judgment within a week; where those people will be prosecuted who are involved in Shikarpur incidence. The madrasa will also be monitored. (Ref: *463*