Pakistan Accidents

Gujranwala Pakistan Railway Train Accident

Gujranwala Pakistan Railway Train Accident News In UrduYesterday in Gujranwala Pakistan a train fell in the canal due to collapse of Railway Bridge. This train is carrying Pakistani soldiers. At least 17 people died in this incidence and still some people are missing. Funeral prayers of deceased were offered by army officers, staffs, their friends and relatives. Most of them were buried in their native areas. Prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef, Ex-President Asif Ali Zardari and Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaaf offered their grief reactions. According to express newspapers of Pakistan, yesterday a train going to Kharian from Pano Aqil fell into the canal leads to 17 death including 4 army officers. Today when rescue operations started again 3 more dead bodies were recovered from the canal, identified as Subedar Major Islam, Naik Arif and Naseer, and total become 17 dead bodies. Searching of missing persons continued.

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