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Islamabad Pakistan History And Master Plan

Islamabad Pakistan History And Master PlanIslamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is the latest city of the world. It is located 16 Kilometers from Rawalpindi, 1520 Kilometer from Karachi, 192 Kilometer from Peshawar and 296 Kilometer from Lahore. It is 494 to 610 meter above sea level.

After the creation of Pakistan, Karachi was made the capital of the new nation, but for several reasons: That time President General Ayub Khan felt that the capital should be a comfortable and safe place. Therefore, a “Federal Capital Commission” was established and tasked them to find a suitable site for the new capital. Commission visited in all parts of the country and reviewed different areas. Detail studied on geography, weather and geological structures of all areas. It was widely publicized about the cash prize for person who will propose the name of new capital.

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